Just a Simple House. Migration and hospitality on the border of the Florentine plain, is Alice Giordano’s master’s degree thesis in architecture.

“Living is moving from one space to another, trying as much as possible not to get too hurt” (Perec, 1989)

Alice Giordano’s thesis begins with this quote and continues: “Telling stories is an ancient need, but this is not a story, it is an attempt to help someone lay the foundations to (re) start writing their own.” And the foundations are a simple house, which can accommodate those who, for reasons that are always difficult, leave their own on the push of forces that they cannot resist alone; a house that is also the center of an urban redevelopment strategy for that outskirts which is struggling to become a city (according to an expression of Michelucci) and which needs to break down barriers rather than build them.