The book “In mezzo alle cose” has won the INU Urbanism Literature 2020 award in section monograph.

The book relates a research experience that focused on in-between.
Places on the margin of urban centralities, even when inside them, pieces of countryside escaped to buildings, small lots that make friction to the flow of the built environment that invades the valley bottom, errors of rational planning, brownfield, portions of infrastructures and services no longer in use, construction sites of never finished buildings, and many other puzzle tiles that the text will try to compose and that, as in a puzzle, have no meaning if taken each for itself, but only if reassembled in an overall design. Normally described as back sides and analysed as opportunities to exploit land rent, or seen as places of degradation, here they become the protagonists of an overall reasoning about their nature and about the opportunities they can offer to catch some breath in the compactness of a pervasive urban. In this sense, the theme addressed by this volume is not only why and how it is useful to study the in-between spaces, but also that of a philosophy useful to build, through them, an alternative project to the submergence of areas not yet definitively built.

The volume can be consulted from the website of the publishing house Dida-press and it is available for download.