Many observers of the urban realm share the passion to discover how everyday life (a subject frequently marginal in studies) transforms the urban space inside a continuous struggle for its use and to make it a public good. I did it sometimes wandering around my city and not only mine..

Living, building, signifying old and new spaces of the city as well as traditional uses, sometimes recovering old ways of fruition, sometimes inventing new and unsuspected ones. This is the work of the inhabitants through the CounterGeographies of bodies.

There is also a more classical way to study the city, through research work, articles, theses and everything we need for a critical thought.

On 27 March I added a special chapter. The emergency of the Covid-19, the coronavirus, from that moment on has changed the lives of all of us and has also changed the perception, the meaning of the spaces where we live. What does the city mean at the time of Covid?