Space and images. Bodies, spaces, architectures

Third in a series of books (Urban icons, In-between spaces), this is the result of a seminar on “photography as an urban survey tool” held at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence during 2019. Hanno curato il seminario: Iacopo Zetti, Davide Virdis, Maddalena Rossi, Susanna Cerri e Fabio Lucchesi Students are:Niccolò Apigalli, Arianna Barbugli, Veronica Braccini, Francesca Contestabile Ciaccio, Floriana Buzzanca, Giulia Balducci, Alessandro Graziuso, Salvatore Mallamace,

Just a Simple House. By Alice Giordano

Just a Simple House. Migration and hospitality on the border of the Florentine plain, is Alice Giordano’s master’s degree thesis in architecture. “Living is moving from one space to another, trying as much as possible not to get too hurt” (Perec, 1989) Alice Giordano’s thesis begins with this quote and continues: “Telling stories is an ancient need, but this is not a story, it is an attempt to help someone

In the midst of things. Cities and in-between spaces. A book by Iacopo Zetti and Maddalena Rossi

The book “In mezzo alle cose” has won the INU Urbanism Literature 2020 award in section monograph. The book relates a research experience that focused on in-between. Places on the margin of urban centralities, even when inside them, pieces of countryside escaped to buildings, small lots that make friction to the flow of the built environment that invades the valley bottom, errors of rational planning, brownfield, portions of infrastructures and